The team at Live At Home On Your Own is focused on helping you regain and retain your independence. We know you feel most comfortable and safe when you’re at home, so we make it our mission to provide the home accessibility and ramp solutions that allow you to feel safe and independent. Below, you’ll find testimonials from individuals and families that we’ve helped over the years. We invite you to read through these testimonials to see how we can install the right accessibility solution in your home. Contact our team of experts to learn more about how we can help you.

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Rental Ramp Helps Debby after an Auto Accident

Rental Ramp helps Debby after Auto Accident

This rental ramp helped me to transition back to walking after multiple surgeries caused by a major car accident. After the ramp was installed I was able to come home in a wheelchair and easily get into the house. During the eight months of rehabilitation this entry ramp offered me freedom to get in and out of the house safely. I can now walk and will soon be cleared to drive. Renting this ramp got me outside where I was rejuvenated by the fresh air and beauty that surrounds our home. Thank you Live At Home On Your Own for your help through this difficult time. — Debby

A Note From Rosalyn

A heartfelt note of appreciation to you and your talented support team for coming into our lives and effecting such amazing positive transformations. For such a small space to evolve so quickly to a fully functional, lovely bathroom is truly an unanticipated, remarkable, life altering gift. Now for the first time in 41 months, I can independently shower and wash my hair…such an unassuming daily task for most people is now a joyful center-piece of my day. You have blessed our family by your empathy, energy, and insights, and what we believed impossible for so long has suddenly become a beautiful reality. Thank you for this most wonderful shower in the whole wide world. Roslyn D.

A Thank You From Robert and Debbie

Thank you so much for all your hard work. Those are the nicest steps and handrails I have ever seen. Great Job! We are very grateful for all your time that you put into them. Thank you again and God Bless you all. Robert & Debbie J.

A New Ramp For A Family In Need

I contacted Live At Home On Your Own to get a quote on a ramp because we were having to carry my wife down a flight of stairs in her wheelchair.  I had previously contacted two contractors about a wooden ramp.  Mr. Bradrick recommended an aluminum ramp which could be installed quickly and would last forever. We discussed a couple of different options and agreed on a reasonable price. I asked if they knew anyone who could help us carry my wife down for her appointment on Friday.  They said they would try to have the ramp finished on Thursday!  They worked until 8:30PM in order to finish. On Friday we were able to easily run her down the ramp to the doctor’s appointment.  When we returned, we were able to go back up the ramp with no problem. We really had a challenge to get the patient in the wheelchair up and down the stairs and will not soon forget the response and hard work by Mr. Bradrick and his team.  Don M.

A Mom Regains Safety and Independence At Home

Thank You – My Mom is now Safe and Happy. Your experience and problem-solving capability helped to convert my home into a much safer place. Your willingness to discuss, assist, and ultimately resolve our concerns, is very refreshing. Equally impressive is the skill you possess when installing the safety items my family required. Your installation technique is flawless and was completed quickly, neatly, and with no inconvenience to our daily routine. I will highly recommend you to anyone requiring installation of safety equipment. You are a true professional and I appreciate all your efforts on our behalf. Leona G.