Regain Independence

Get Outside

Enjoy Your Life

Avoid These Frustrations…

Worried about your loved one falling down stairs
Want to get outside, but can’t do it safely
Making your loved one feel like they are a burden
Don’t want to make permanent changes to your home
Need an affordable temporary mobility solution
Rides in an ambulance and trips to the emergency room

Regain Your Freedom!

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The Freedom Path Process

Site Assessment • Ramp Approval • Freedom Install

Step 1:

Design & Price

We’ll determine the configuration and cost of your ramp

Step 2:

Discuss & Decide

We’ll show you the parameters and review the safety requirements

Step 3:

Show Up & Assemble

Our team of experts build your ramp and you’ll regain your freedom

Invest In Your Freedom Now
and Prevent Your Next Fall

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We Are The Rampology™ Experts

“My existing wooden ramp had rotted through, and I was scared to use it. I was so thrilled with my new Freedom Path Ramp. I no longer have to call anyone to help me when I need to get outside. I have my freedom back!”
“I couldn’t get up the stairs any longer. The Live At Home On Your Own expert installers gave me the ability to get into my house without any problem.”
“This ramp was my ticket to freedom! After my auto accident, I couldn’t go home until I had a ramp in place. Live At Home On Your Own provided me with a rental ramp so I could get back home and be with my family.”

We All Need to Land Safely

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Medical Professionals Agree…

  • Our ramp solutions cost less than most rides to the emergency room
  • Our ramps provide the path back to mobility and exercise
  • Our ramps give you a place to practice your rehab
  • Falls are the leading cause of rehospitalization for seniors
  • You can’t leave rehab without a ramp

A Fall Can Put You in the ER/Rehab.
Our Ramps Can Get You Back Home.

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About Us

Live At Home On Your Own’s core value is providing you with the freedom to safely live in your home without fear and limitations.

“As a former US Air Force instructor pilot, I learned ‘we all need to land safely.’ That was drummed into my head all those years ago, and it’s still what drives me today.”

— Michael Bradrick
Owner of Live At Home On Your Own

That’s why after spending 25 years as a remodeling contractor, Michael Bradrick shifted his construction business’ primary focus to providing “Aging-In-Place” solutions so you and your loved ones can regain their independence, get outside, and enjoy life again.

Michael and his expert team have spent the last 15 years developing, designing, and installing the Freedom Path process so you and your loved ones can benefit from what they call Rampology™ – the safe and practical solution to your accessibility needs.

When you schedule your Freedom Path Review, not only will you get Rampology™ advice from the experts that created this system, you’ll also get the compassionate care you and your loved ones deserve.

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